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Reviewed and rated - these are the top gaming pcs from HP.

Here at PCGameBenchmark we’ve reviewed and scored 50 gaming PCs in the USA to help you find the best desktop computer to game on. There are so many different things to consider when looking to pick up a new gaming computer, and so many different options, that it can be a daunting task.

So to help we’ve given each gaming PC we review a single rating to make it easy to compare the rigs on your radar, basing our score on a combination of graphics card power, CPU, storage, memory, and how many of the top PC games it will be able to run.

And, whether you’re going for a cheap gaming PC or a high-end gaming desktop, you want to know that you’re getting a good PC deal so our database is continually refreshed with the latest pricing so we’re always up to date.

Who are HP?

HP is based in Palo Alto, California, and produces a wide range of consumer computers. They also produce HP Gaming PCs and HP Laptops, under Pavilion and OMEN. OMEN is similar to Alienware, whereas the Pavilion range has a more understated design.

Where are HP computers made?

HP Desktop PCs are assembled at factories in both the USA and China.

HP OMEN vs HP Pavilion

The HP OMEN range is the higher end gaming PCs that HP produces, with more radical styling. The OMEN desktop models are available with the newer RTX 2000 series cards, compared to the 1000 series cards on the Pavilion range. The Pavilion range also has a more understated design which some may prefer. These Pavilion PCs still pack a punch however.. If you’re not sure how much power you need, click on any HP computer here and we’ll tell you how it ranks, and what games it will run.

Best HP gaming computer

The best HP gaming PCs are in the OMEN range. The top end OMEN PC, the OMEN 30L, is available with an i9-10900k and an RTX 2080 Ti. Check out our HP OMEN review here

Where to buy HP computers?

HP Pavilion and HP OMEN desktops can be bought through HPs own site but you can view any HP desktops below and we’ll show you the best price we can find.

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