Razer RZ-1600 Diamondback Precision Review

Razer gaming mouse review. Updated February 2020 Amazon pricing, specs, and score - built around ratings such as durability, ergonomics and, most importantly, whether it’s actually good as a gaming mouse. Is this Razer mouse right for a PC gamer?

Should you buy the Razer RZ-1600 Diamondback Precision?

PCGameBenchmark has reviewed pretty much every PC gaming mouse available on Amazon. We've ignored some of the smaller and generic brands, and we've filtered to only show the best wired USB and wireless gaming mice available to buy right now - and this Razer gaming mouse has made our February 2020 list.

Now's a great time to buy a new PC gaming mouse. Your choice of mouse is a vital part of your gaming PC setup and the right one can make a big difference to your overall experience. There are always Razer deals to be had (so there’s no need to wait around for Black Friday 2020 or Amazon Prime Day!) and there's a massive range to choose from too.

A responsive, accurate gaming mouse is super important when you’re gaming and that office rodent that came with your PC could well be holding you back from greatness online. If you’re looking to get the drop on someone in Fortnite or Apex Legends, you don’t want an uncomfortable, unresponsive mouse ruining your game. PCGameBenchmark ratings are all built up from the scores the Amazon community give the most important aspects of a PC gaming mouse. We merge those scores to create a final percentage rating.

How heavy a mouse is can be important too, and this Razer mouse weighs in at 0.5 lb (0.23 kg).

PCGameBenchmark ratings are built up from the scores the Amazon community give the most important aspects of a PC gaming mouse. We merge those scores to create a percentage rating.

Put all that together and we have our final percentage score.

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Razer RZ-1600 Diamondback Precision
PCGameBenchmark Rating: 74%

  • Razer RZ-1600 Diamondback Precision review - gaming mouse tested

Razer RZ-1600 Diamondback Precision Specs


0.5 lb (226.8 g)



Model Number


Razer RZ-1600 Diamondback Precision Features

  • Optical engine powered by Razer Precision
  • 1600 DPI, twice that of conventional high performance sensors
  • Ultra large non-slip mouse buttons, tactile response design
  • Award winning Razer drivers featuring On-the-Fly sensitivity adjustment
  • 7 independently programmable physical buttons optimized for gaming response

Razer RZ-1600 Diamondback Precision DEALS - BEST prices

Cheapest Price on Amazon.com: $1000.00

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