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What is the best Alienware laptop? Specs, reviews and ratings for over 7 systems. Find the right setup from our massive list.

The PCGameBenchmark database has 7 Alienware gaming laptops. All reviewed and scored. We will help you find the top Alienware laptops  at low prices and compare gaming laptops with a single rating. To pick the good gaming laptops, our scores are based on the combination of graphics card, CPU and RAM - and how many PC games they will run. That is how we classify which is most powerful gaming rig.

Alienware Laptop

We update our scores every day based on new gaming laptops available to buy on Amazon and new game releases. We always have the latest data. We only track Windows laptops, but report on whether the systems are Intel, Nvidia or AMD gaming laptops.

Who are Alienware?

Alienware is a gaming computer company based in Miami, which has been manufacturing laptops and PCs for over 20 years. Alienware’s three current models are the m15, m17 and the flagship Alienware gaming laptop the AREA-51m. Alienware sells all these models with varying amounts of RAM, CPU level and graphics cards. All are available with Nvidia’s top of the range 2000 series card, the RTX 2080 SUPER. However, we will likely be waiting until 2021 for Alienware RTX 3080 and 3090 laptops.

With Alienware laptops, you are paying a premium for the name, and the great design of the laptop. Customer support for Alienware is well renowned too. Alienware is Dell - they bought the business in 2002, so if you’re looking for a more affordable but similar gaming laptop, why not look at Dell’s G Series range?

Are Alienware laptops any good?

Alienware laptops are generally received well by reviewers, and as a subsidiary of Dell you’ll get good reliability and build quality. All their laptops come as standard with a 1 year warranty and support package, but this can be extended to up to 5 years. People buy their desktops because they want something a bit stylish… but don’t want to be bothered with building their own rig.

Where are Alienware laptops made?

Alienware laptops are manufactured in either China or Malayisa - these are Dells two major manufacturing facilities. However, the laptop will be shipped from a more local distribution centre.

Best Alienware laptop

The Alienware AREA 51M is Alienware’s flagship laptop model, which they claim is the world's most powerful gaming laptop. It comes with a desktop spec Intel i9 10900 CPU, the option of an RTX 2080 SUPER card, support for up to 64GB of RAM. There is also the option of a 300Hz screen, great for competitive gaming. This laptop doesn’t come cheap - the base spec starts at around $2300 dollars but with the best GPU and screen you’ll be looking at around $4700.

Where to buy Alienware laptops?

Alienware laptops can be bought directly through Dell to your specification for storage space, RAM, screen type etc. You’ll likely get a better price buying through Amazon however. Click on any of the laptops below and we’ll show you the best price at Amazon. Amazon also offers a 4 year protection plan for a reasonable $200 on some models, this covers breakdowns after the 1 year manufacturer warranty, and also any accidental damage.

New Alienware M15 Review


Latest Price: $1799.99

Rating: 91%

Alienware M17 Review

AWm17-7930SLV-PUS AWm17-7930SLV-PUS

Latest Price: $2238

Rating: 91%

Alienware M15 Review


Latest Price: $1459 you save $87.54 (6%)

Rating: 88%

Alienware M15 Thin and Light 15 Review

Alienware M15 AWm15-7861SLV-PUS

Latest Price: $1752.32

Rating: 84%

Alienware 15 R4 Review

AW 15 R4

Latest Price: $1399

Rating: 76%

Alienware AW15R3-7003SLV-PUS Review


Latest Price: $1599.77

Rating: 62%

Alienware 15 R3 AW15R3 Review


Latest Price: $1999.44

Rating: 54%

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