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System requirements check to see what games your computer can run. Rate your PC, check GPU and CPU benchmarks, and compare upgrades.

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We’ve tested more than 40,000 PC setups, and 100,000 PC games. We can tell you which games you can run, and what FPS your gaming rig could deliver.

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Test your PC for free using our automatic PC specs checker, or manual input, to see what hardware you have, and what you might want to upgrade.

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System requirements

System requirements

Our system requirement labs source hardware specs directly from game developers, and we frequently run tests to see what PC specs work the best.

Can My PC Run It?

CYRI - Can You Run It

With our hardware detector, you can quickly and easily find games that work on your computer. Can I run it? We will tell you every game your desktop or laptop can run!

Gaming gear

Gaming gear

Our system requirements pages are packed with real-world benchmark test FPS data from users like you. See how leading GPUs and CPUs perform in the latest games.