Best Corsair Keyboards

Reviewed and rated - these are the best Corsair gaming keyboards in 2024

Corsair is an American hardware company set up in 1994, focusing mainly on gaming peripherals.

Corsair keyboards are very popular with streamers and Esports teams too. CS GO streamer Summit1G uses a Corsair K70 keyboard. Corsair's sponsored Esports teams include Team Secret and Team Vitality.

The cheapest Corsair keyboard is the Corsair K55, costing around $60. You’re not getting mechanical switches at this price but membrane. However, you get three zone RGB backlighting, anti-ghosting keys, media controls and spill resistance. Interested? Take a look at our Corsair K55 Review

The best Corsair keyboard is the Corsair K95. This is the ultimate keyboard, you get a sturdy aluminium build, the choice of several different Cherry mechanical switches, macro keys and single key RGB backlighting. It costs around $200. Check our Corsair K95 Review

Looking for something in between? The Corsair K70 is also a good choice, with mechanical switches for a more reasonable price of around $130. You can pay a bit more for the RGB version. Check our Corsair K70 Review

Look at the Corsair gaming keyboards below and we’ll show you the best prices available through Amazon, and the users ratings.

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