Best Gaming Laptops Under $4,000 - 2020 list

Looking for a gaming laptop under $4,000? We have 1,680 of them: Reviewed and rated so you can be sure of getting the best laptop deal.

The PCGameBenchmark database has 1,680 gaming laptops that cost less than $4,000. All review and scored. We will help you find the top PCs at low prices and compare gaming laptops with a single rating. To pick the good gaming laptops, our scores are based on the combination of graphics card, CPU and RAM - and how many PC games they will run. That is how we classify which is most powerful gaming rig.

We update our scores every day based on new gaming laptops available to buy on Amazon and new game releases. We always have the latest data. Our reviews include all the biggest brands including Lenovo laptops, Gigabyte, Razor, Dell, Acer, MSI, Alienware, MSI and more. We only track Windows laptops, but report on whether the systems are Intel, Nvidia or AMD gaming laptops.

Dell W2K9H Review

Precision 5530 W2K9H

Latest Price: $3999.11

Rating: 79%

MSI GT83 TITAN-016 Full HD Extreme Review

GT83 Titan-016 GT83 Titan-016

Latest Price: $3998.00 you save $439.78 (11%)

Rating: 98%

MSI WS65 9TM-857 15.6" UHD Thin and Light Mobile Workstation Review

WS65 9TM-857 WS65 9TM-857

Latest Price: $3699.00

Rating: 49%

Dell XPS 15 9570 Review

Dell XPS XPS 15 9570

Latest Price: $3499.22

Rating: 74%

MSI WS75 9TL-497 Review

WS75 9TL-497 WS75 9TL-497

Latest Price: $3499.00

Rating: 44%

Lenovo ThinkPad P53 Mobile Workstation 20QN0018US Review

Lenovo Thinkpad 20QN0018US

Latest Price: $3472.69

Rating: 49%

MSI WS65 9TL-686 Review

WS65 9TL-686 WS65 9TL-686

Latest Price: $3399.00

Rating: 44%

Dell Dell 15.6 Review

Dell 15.6

Latest Price: $3351.86

Rating: 66%

Alienware Review

Alienware 17 R5

Latest Price: $3199.95

Rating: 99%

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