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VUP-Simulatuor System Requirements
0 Players (24 hours)
Released in 2024
VUP-Simulatuor System Requirements
The VUP-Simulator is a game that allows you to experience the career of a virtual anchor. Here you can make videos and get fans' attention, or interact with the audience in live. Upgrade your device (PC/microphone/camera, etc.) and you (technology/sketch/L2D, ...
VPet-Simulator System Requirements
8,233 Players (24 hours)
Released in 2023
VPet-Simulator System Requirements
Feeling like the computer desktop is too dull? Need something cute to heal oneself? Come and try this new completely free and open source V-Pet simulator. A cute and adorable pet that supports various feeding interactions to accompany you in game learning is d...
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