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Halo: The Master Chief Collection System Requirements
6,972 Players (24 hours)
Released in 2019
Review Score: 85 / 100
Halo: The Master Chief Collection System Requirements
The Master Chief’s iconic journey includes six games, built for PC and collected in a single integrated experience. Whether you’re a long-time fan or meeting Spartan 117 for the first time, The Master Chief Collection is the definitive Halo gaming experien...
Batman: Arkham Origins System Requirements
375 Players (24 hours)
Released in 2013
Review Score: 74 / 100
Batman: Arkham Origins System Requirements
As of December 4, 2016, the online services portion of Batman: Arkham Origins will be retired. We thank those that have joined us to battle over the last 3 years. The Single player campaign may still be played and enjoyed offline....
Dirty Bomb System Requirements
146 Players (24 hours)
Released in 2015
Review Score: 63 / 100
Dirty Bomb System Requirements
Work together or die alone! Fight to restore peace to London or tear it down for profit in the most challenging team based shooter around....
Gears Tactics System Requirements
74 Players (24 hours)
Released in 2020
Gears Tactics System Requirements
Gears Tactics is the fast-paced, turn-based strategy game from one of the most-acclaimed video game franchises – Gears of War. Outnumbered and fighting for survival, recruit and command your squad to hunt down an evil mastermind who makes monsters....
BRINK System Requirements
11 Players (24 hours)
Released in 2011
Review Score: 70 / 100
BRINK System Requirements
You decide the combat role you want to assume in the world of Brink as you fight to save yourself and mankind’s last refuge!...
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